Barbecue ideas you haven’t tried yet

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 16th August 2019

We’ve been very lucky to have enjoyed weeks of hot weather recently, and though the humidity can be uncomfortable and a bit sticky at times, the evenings provide the perfect conditions for a barbecue! Whether it’s a tasty option for dinner with the family al fresco, you like calling your friends for an impromptu gathering or you go for full summer party catering, we know that the standard options can get tiresome so we’ve got some barbecue ideas you haven't tried yet - some new ideas for you to try before the summer’s out!

Grilled fruit

Trust us, fruit on the barbecue is an absolute winner, and is a great healthier option for a sweet treat after your meal. Simply grill slices of watermelon or pineapple, or a chopped mango half, and serve plain or with some yoghurt or a blob of ice cream. Before you grill you can also sprinkle over a mix of sugar and sweet spice like cinnamon, or try a mix of juniper berries and cardamom with the sugar for a new taste.

Another great idea, and one you can get the kids to help out with, is to split bananas lengthways and fill them with chunks of chocolate, wrap in foil and then place on the grill for a few minutes. The soft, warm banana and melted chocolate are a winning combination!


Dipping into melted cheese is the perfect starter, and camembert can easily be warmed on the barbecue. You can top the cheese with cranberry sauce or a light mango and lime chutney, or simply spike it with rosemary and garlic. Then place the box onto the grill or wrap the cheese in foil and give it ten minutes to melt, before service with chuncks of bread for dipping.


Pizza ovens are becoming very popular and we’ve seen them in use at many outdoor events and restaurants, but you can do the same thing yourself without a whole new oven. You will need a pizza stone, but these are readily available and reasonably priced. The stone heats up in the barbecue and cooks really quickly so you can feed a group in a short space of time. You simply top a thin pizza dough base with some sauce and your favourite toppings and pop it onto the barbecue stone. In only a few minutes you’ll have a delicious pizza, with the great flavour barbecue brings too.

Roast lamb

This is a slow cook barbecue method that tastes wonderful and is a new twist on the traditional burgers and sausages. Marinade your lamb breast for a few hours or overnight to give it a punchy flavour, and then get ready to cook! Once your barbecue is hot stack the coals to one side to create a cooler side of the grill, and this is where you place the lamb, skin side down.

Ensure there is airflow to maintain the temperature, and then leave the meat in there for three hours, turning every 45 minutes or so, until the skin is crisp, the meat is tender and has shrunk away from the bone. To serve you simply cut into slices following the rib bones as a guide, and pair with a tasty summer salad and your favourite sauce (with lamb we love something with a vinegar kick to complement the flavour, but your favourite is up to you!).

If you try any of these ideas or you have new recipes you love, we want to hear about it! Go to our recipe section to see other ideas. We also want to hear if you’re looking for advice on summer party catering because that’s where our expert chefs can really show off their skills and wow your guests, whether you’re looking for a barbecue, formal dinner party or anything in between! Give us a call today to find out more.

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