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Barbecue ideas you haven’t tried yet

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 16th August 2019

We’ve been very lucky to have enjoyed weeks of hot weather recently, and though the humidity can be uncomfortable and a bit sticky at times, the evenings provide the perfect conditions for a barbecue! Whether it’s a tasty option for dinner with the family al fresco, you like calling your friends for an impromptu gathering or you go for full summer party catering, we know that the standard options can get tiresome so we’ve got some barbecue ideas you haven’t tried yet – some new ideas for you to try before the summer’s out!

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How to slow cook the perfect pulled pork

How to slow cook the perfect pulled pork

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 23rd July 2019

The American food trend is one which shows no sign of slowing down, and perhaps the best option brought to us from ‘across the pond’ is slow cooked pulled pork. If you’re serious about your barbecue game, you can try the more dedicated pit fire or outdoor smoker, but tender and juicy pulled pork can easily be achieved in the humble kitchen too.

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Healthy summer barbecue recipes for everyone to enjoy

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 25th June 2019

One thing we all look forward to over the summer is a barbecue. There’s something joyous about getting together with your loved ones; enjoying warm weather, lighter evenings and  eating outdoors.

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Bank holiday feast ideas for the whole family

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 8th May 2019

Bank holidays are the perfect opportunity to get family and friends together for fun and food, but no one wants to be tied to the kitchen all day. We’ve gathered together some of our favourite recipes that will feed a crowd without too much effort, leaving you to enjoy the festivities too.

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How to avoid chocolate overload this Easter

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 9th April 2019

The Easter holidays are nearly upon us and this can be a tricky season to navigate if you are trying to lose weight or just want to stay healthy. There are so many sweet treat temptations around this time of year, from chocolate eggs to hot cross buns that it can feel almost impossible to stay on track.

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Spring ingredients to bring to your table

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 19th March 2019

Nothing quite beats the joy of cooking yourself healthy meals with fresh, seasonal ingredients and with spring time fast approaching it’s the perfect time of year to dig out your apron and get cooking with fabulous fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Valentines recipes to melt your heart

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 14th February 2019

It’s the season of love, sharing and of course, lots of chocolate and Champagne so if you are planning to cook up a special meal for your loved one this Valentine’s Day then let us help you out by providing some sensuous tasty recipes from our kitchen, which you can easily whip up in yours.

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Preparing a Christmas turkey – here are our do’s and don’ts

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 19th December 2018

When it comes to preparing the perfect Christmas dinner the one thing which can cause all sorts of problems if it’s not prepared properly is the turkey – after all, poorly cooked poultry can lead to salmonella and the last thing anyone wants at Christmas is food poisoning.

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Perfect Halloween party food ideas for you to make at home

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 29th October 2018

With Autumn firmly upon us flavours become more spiced with gingerbread lattes and warming soups on the menu. October brings to mind berries and winter vegetables start to make an appearance in the shops – which is all good news if you are planning a Halloween party at home this year.


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8 amazing Summer party food themes

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 23rd August 2018

Are you planning a summer gathering but fancy something different to the usual barbecue get-together? How about planning a fresh, tasty summer menu around a particular theme for your guests instead? We have pulled together ten creative ways to bring your friends, family and food together in the sunshine that are sure to impress more than smoked burgers.

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