Let’s Make Soggy Sandwiches At Your Desk A Thing Of The Past!

Author: Lindy Darmanin   |   Date: 9th August 2017

Are you fed up with having to bring in soggy sandwiches from home, or rely on a noisy sandwich van because your company is on an industrial estate with no shops anywhere nearby? Here at Lindy’s catering we are on a mission to improve staff lunches!

As a catering business we are often asked why we don’t do a sandwich van round. But having worked as a boss in other companies I can honestly say I think they are bad for businesses. They turn up at 10.30am and beep loudly and then everyone rushes out at the same time.

The phones are left unmanned, the office is deserted, client calls go unanswered and basically the business shuts down for around 15 – 30 minutes while everyone queues up. But then they come back and often proceed to eat at their desks, so yet more delay. And then they go out for a full hour lunch break as well.

It’s not healthy for staff, it’s costing them a fortune, and it’s not good for the company either, which is why we offer an alternative to the soggy sandwich round. What we do works really well and is far less disruptive.

Our clients offer lunch to their employees as a perk of their job. Every day, they get to choose from a menu, and they get three items – their main dish plus two snacks. We offer a full range of hand-cooked main dishes to all their staff including hot dinners, baps, rolls, salads or wraps. The staff fill out a sheet to select what they want.

That spreadsheet comes into our kitchen and we hand-make all of their lunches fresh, and to order, from scratch. We deliver them all at 6am as our client in this scenario, employs many drivers who go off all day. This way they go off with a good healthy lunch all packed up for them.

We really feel that more and more companies could benefit from the scheme, particularly those whose premises are nowhere near any eating facilities for staff. It can help boost morale and make staff feel valued and is a real bonus to the company.

If you would like to banish soggy sandwiches from your business, then give us a call to talk about how we can help to improve staff lunches for your workforce.

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