Staff Lunches

We offer a unique service which enables companies to offer staff lunches as perks to their employees, banishing the days of soggy sandwiches or all the staff dashing off to the sandwich van in the middle of the morning.

With staff lunches from Lindy’s, your company can offer personalised, hand-made fresh lunches to order, delivered to your staff that day. They can choose what they would like from a set menu, including hot food, healthy salad options, baps, rolls and a selection of snacks. We deliver it to your office.

Offering staff lunches as an employee perk helps staff to save money and eat better, but is also good for the business meaning staff don’t have to drive off to find a supermarket at lunchtime, and it can enhance the reputation as a good place to work.

If you are based fairly remotely, with no access to food facilities then offering this service is a great way to support your staff and make them feel appreciated. It couldn’t be simpler. Once you have the scheme set up, we provide you with weekly menus, your staff choose three items a day – a meal and two snacks – and you give us the weekly spreadsheet of choices.

We then make all their lunches from scratch, including any particular personal tastes they might have, like no tomatoes, or no lettuce, and we will package up the lunches and deliver them to the offices at a convenient time.

For one of our clients, whose staff are drivers who head out on the road first thing, we deliver all of their lunches at 6am. We aim to provide high quality food and a professional dedicated service, to all of our clients.

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